Sunday 12 October 2014

Mosaics from Amphipolis (Kastas Toumba)

Although not yet fully uncovered - and the excavators not having released their thoughts on the find - we believe the image is another "Rape of Persephone". Remember the wall-painting in Tomb A of the Great Tumulus of Vergina, with the same imagery: Hermes running in front of the horses pulling Hades' chariot...

So probably here we have another rendering - in mosaic this time - of the famous lost work of Nikomachus of Thebes.

On a side note: the geometric sceme around the central composition is closely comparable to that of the rape of Helen by Theseus on the mosaic in the house at Pella. It is interesting that this last is dated to 325-300 BC.
The Pella mosaic.
Proto Thema, 12/10/2014

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