Welcome to Archaeology Matters! The site aims to present a variety of online resources useful to the student of Archaeology, Numismatics, Epigraphy and related fields.

For now the Numismatics section is by far the richest.

Special attention has been given to discovering books and journals from these fields that can be read online or downloaded, as such items can be difficult to discover.

For those in need of books online, a catalogue of online libraries is also offered by A.M.!

The tabs running along the top link to various collections of such resources.

A second aim of Archaeology Matters is to provide information from the various fields of History and Archaeology that sometimes go unnoticed.

One such example is the Coin Hoards post, which aims at collecting information on the discovery of coin hoards, that appear in unspecialised journals and daily press, information that can escape the specialists attention.

If you have any information on any of the above subjects that is missing from A.M., please let me know about it!

Latest Updates:
10.05.2013: Big update to Archeologike Ephimeris: Now the full run of volumes from the beginning (1837) up to 1925 (65 volumes) is available in PDF from various sources.
02.10.2012: Annoying pop-up ads removed.
Big Update to CNG Auctions
: Added c. 50 new volumes.

Apart for the various articles, I have added to the Classical Numismatic Group PDFs, bringing them up to date. Unforunately my HD crashed and I lost a few of the auction catalogues I had prepared...
Added to Zeitschrift für Numismatik
Added Naville, Ars Classica.

Added vols 3 (1900) and 4 (1901) of JIAN to Index by Issue and by Author.

Added issues 1 (1888)-95 (1908) fulltext for REG.

- Αρχαιολογικό Δελτίο - Archaiologiko Deltio (AD).

- Αρχαιολογική Εφημερίς - Archaiologiké Ephimeris (AE)
Praktika tes en Athinais Arxhaiologikes Hetaireias - Πρακτικά της εν Αθήναις Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας
Δελτίον της Χριστιανικής Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας - Deltion tēs Christianikēs Archaiologikēs Hetaireias.
- Klio. Beitrâge zur alten Geschichte.

Finished Journal des Savants.

Updated Revue Numismatique.
Started work on Journal des Savants.
Added some Greek abbreviations (publishing).

Updated list, added new numbers and added new volumes to the Numismatic Chronicle.

- Added Dacia (Index and Full text)
- Added Index for Journal International d'Archéologie Numismatique (JIAN) by J.N. Svoronos (vols 1-2): by Issue and by Author.
- Added link to fulltext JIAN 1 (1897).

Saturday, 24 October 2015