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Numismatic Journals

  • International Numismatic e-Newsletter. Past Issues here.

- Numismatische Zeitschrift. Past issues here.

- Bulletin du Cercle d'Etudes numismatiques - Bruxelles.
- Revue Belge de Numismatique et de Sigillographie. Past issues here.

- The Canadian antiquarian and numismatic Journal. Past Issues here.

- Jahrbuch für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte (JNG) - München
- Zeitschrift für Numismatik. Past issues here.

  • Journal International d'Archéologie Numismatique (JIAN) - Athens. Full text Issues here. Index by Issue here. Index by Author here.
  • Νομισματικά Χρονικά / Nomismatica Khronica (NomKhron) - Athens. English Index Here. Greek Index/Ελληνικό Ευρετήριο Here
  • Οβολός/Obolos -Athens.

  • Annuaire de la Sociète Française de Numismatique et d'Archéologie. Past Issues here.
  • Bulletin de la Société française de numismatique - Paris. Past Issues here. 
  • Bulletin de Numismatique. Past issues here.
  • Bulletin International de Numismatique. Past Issues here.
  • Comptes Rendus de la Sociète Française de Numismatique et d'Archéologie. Past Issues here
  • Revue Numismatique (RN) - Paris. Table of Contents & Full Text from 1958 to present (from For older Vols see here.

- Rivista italiana di numismatica e scienze affini (RIN) - Milano. Past Issues Here.

  • Bulletin de la Société Suisse de Numismatique. Past issues and Indexes here.
  • Quaderni Ticinesi. Numismatica e antichità classiche - Lugano. Index-Contents.
  • Schweizerische Münzblätter. Past issues and Indexes here.
  • Schweizerische numismatische Rundschau = Revue suisse de numismatique (SNR)- Genève/Bern. Past Issues here.
- The British Numismatic Journal. Publication of the British Numismatic Society. Old issues Here.

- The Numismatic Chronicle (NC) - London. Publication of the Royal Numismatic Society. Index (of 7th series: 1971-Present). Old Issues Here.
  • The Numismatic Circular. Published by Spink and Son. Old issues here
  • Proceedings of the Numismatic Society. Old Issues here.


a. American Numismatic Society
  • - The Original American Journal of Numismatics (AJN) was established in 1866 as a monthly newsletter for the Society. Over time it came to include more substantial numismatic articles, but it was discontinued in 1924. (For volumes online see here)

  • In 1989, the name was revived for what had previously been called the American Numismatic Society Museum Notes. [For an alphabetical index (by author) of the ANS MN, see here]. This second series of the American Journal of Numismatics is one of the world's leading scholarly journals in numismatics. It is published as a single hard-cover volume annually, containing article-length works of original research in all areas of numismatics. No index, table of contents or full text access is currently available on-line. note however that all the volumes are included in the ANS Library Catalogue which is accessible on-line and which is one of the most powerful on-line tools for numismatic research.

  • The Colonial Newsletter is a research journal devoted to the colonial and Confederation-period coinages of the United States, published thrice yearly by the ANS. No index, table of contents or full text access is currently available on-line.
  • The Numismatic Notes and Monographs. ANS. Past volumes here.
 b. Other