Interactive Projects

Field Expedition: Mongolia, Valley of the Khans Project, by National Geographic. The Valley of the Khans Project is a nondestructive archaeological survey utilizing modern digital tools from a variety of disciplines, including digital imagery, computer vision, nondestructive surveying, and on-site digital archaeology. The goal of the search is to identify archaeological sites without disturbing them–in the area of Mongolia's most sacred heritage–Genghis Khan's homeland. This maintains respect and reverence for local customs while enabling protective measures through organizations such as UNESCO. With the growing trend of rogue illegal mining in the region, such protective measures will be critical in the preservation of this iconic symbol of world cultural heritage and the rich cultural patrimony throughout Mongolia. Where do you come in? N.G. is using is crowdsourcing for a project to identify archaeological treasures in Mongolia using satellite imagery and other modern tools. Great fun!

Ancient Lives Project, by University of Oxford. Anyone who has heard of the Oxyrynchus Papyri knows that, apart from the vast vistas of knowledge that they offer, they also represent an enorous amout of work, just to read...Crowdsoursing is once again mobilised, allowing you to decipher actual papyri letter by letter...and every letter counts!