Tuesday 9 September 2014

Mesolakia (Amphipolis) Tumba Kasta: Update (III)

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Some new finds from the second chamber of the Kasta Tomb.

Representation of the Tomb placing the photographs published thus far, by the architect M. Lefantzis

Satellite image of the Tomb (Google)
Seismic imaging of the tomb from older research
Third area

Slab from the ceiling in the third area (behind Caryatids)

Ceiling decoration in the area behind the Caryatids

The Western Caryatid

The Eastern Caryatid. The damaged face has led many to the conclusion that the tomb has been looted (the looters having removed the arms of the Caryatids and the face of one of them as well as the head of the Sphinxes). It would be best to wait for the end of the excavations before jumping to conclusions. Already some fingers and other fragments of the hands of the Caryatids have been discovered, as have been parts of the wings of the sphinxes. Personally I have yet to see conclusive evidence that the tomb has been looted.

Kathimerini, 07.09.2014, http://www.kathimerini.gr/781187/interactive/epikairothta/ellada/vhma-vhma-h-anaskafh-ths-amfipolhs#firstPage for a timeline of the excavation and excellent photographs
Proto Thema, 07.09.2014,  http://www.protothema.gr/culture/article/408014/apokalufthikan-duo-karuatides-stin-amfipoli/

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