Monday 27 October 2014

Wooden Statue Discovered in Piraeus!

A wooden statue of a male figure was found in the excavations that are being carried out for the extension of line 3 of the Athens Metro, in Agios Konstantinos Square of Piraeus.

Specifically, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Culture, the archaeological exploration of the ancient wells that were located in the Station "Demotiko Theatro" which is still under construction, on the Agios Konstantinos Square. In one of them, at a depth of 14,17 m, "was discovered and recovered a wooden sculpture in the round, of a dressed male figure".

The statue was located in contact with the northern wall of the well. At the same point parts of ceramic vessels dated to the end of the Hellenistic period (100-85 BC) were discovered, along with other remnants of living quarters (tiles, metal objects and small bits of wood). At approximately the same depth as the wooden sculpture, part of a marble sculpture was discovered (possibly Artemis) sitting on the back of a deer.

The wooden sculpture misses the head and the upper and lower extremities. Its greatest preserved height is 0,47 m and width 0,21 m. The figure is shown standing with a slight walking movement, as can be seen from the counterpoised legs: the right is bent forward, while the left stretched to the rear. The figure wears a short chiton and has its elbows bent at waist height, with hands outstretched.

The sculpture was immediately transported to the conservation laboratory of the 26th Ephorate following the current rules for the safe transportation of antiquities.

Source: Ta NEA, 21/10/2014 (translated by A.M.)

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