Saturday 20 March 2010

Greece: Macedonia: Pella: New Archaeological Museum

The new museum of Pella (Address: Pella Archeological Site and Museum, P. Pella Giannitson, 58005 Pélla, Greece) was designed by the architect Kostas Skroumpellos, adapted to the morphology of the terrain and the archaeological site and taking into consideration the museological and museographical need of the exhibits.

"The levels of the museum correspond to the relief of the archaeological site which the visitor can see through the large openings of the building, while the interior offers an unbroken optical contact with the entirety of the exhibition", explains the Ephore of Antiquities of Pella dr. Maria Lilimbaki-Akamati. The effect is aided by the interior balcony of the museum which allows the antiquities to be viewed from above, while the rectangular atrium in the center of the building is a reference to the peristyle yards of the houses of ancient Pella. The basement with the storage facilities, the multiple-use hall, used for educational activities, and the upper floor of the building, which houses the administrative services, complete the museum's layout, which covers a surface of 6000 sq. m.

Exhibits include the mosaic floors of Dionysus and Helen, the lead Katadesmos (curse tablet) dated to c. 400 B.C. and three coin hoards...

The Dionysus Mosaic.

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