Sunday 17 July 2011

Antiquities smuggler arrested (Kastoria & Florina, Greece)

17.07.2011: Antiquities smuggler arrested

ANA-MPA/A 48-year-old man from Florina, northwestern Greece was arrested on Thursday charged with antiquity smuggling.

The suspect, while driving his car near Vassiliada village in Kastoria prefecture, was stopped by a police roadblock. A search of his car and later of his house in Florina revealed a large number of Roman and Byzantine era coins, other antiquities and photos believed to indicate locations where antiquities are buried.

Specifically, police found and confiscated 81 ancient coins, two marble statues from the Hellenistic period, the head from a female statuette, two copper rings, a lecythus, a medal, six clay seals, four copper brooches, two metal detectors, one perfume container, two USB flash drives and eight photographs of probable sites of antiquities.

From ana-mpa

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