Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Skyphos (Drinking Cup) of Pericles?

A simple black-slip 5th century skyphos (drinking cup) was discovered in a poor grave in Kifissia - a suburb of Athens. What makes the find exeptional are six names etched on the side in the genitive form: Aristidou, Daisimou, Arriphronos, Perikleous, Eukritou (Αριστείδου, Διοδότου, Δαισίμου, Αρρίφρονος, Περικλέους, Ευκρίτου). This allowed archaeologists to speculate not only that this cup of just 12 cm height might have been used by the famous Greek statesman himself, but that the signture on the cup might have been etched with his own hand...

Sources (in Greek):
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