Sunday 9 December 2012

Part of the Skeleton of Philip II sent to the Research Centre Dimokritios

To be photographed and investigated.

A small part of the skeletal material of Philip II, that was found in the golden larnax, one of the most precious items of the ancient world, will be transported to the EKEFE Dimokritos and to the

The purpose of this action is to permit the microscopic photographing and investigation of the unknown material that has settled on the bones, which were discovered in the larnax in the main chamber of the tomb II of the Great Tumulus of Vergina.

This material has been observed in other burials in Macedonia, but it is the first time that an exhaustive research is being carried out concerning its mineral and chemical composition, and the results will give us important information concerning the procedure of oxidation of the larnax and concerning the ceremonial materials used at the time.

The demand of the director of the Vergina excavations of the Aristotelian University of Thessalonike, professor Ch. Saatsoglou-Paliadeli, for the transport of the fragments received the light from the Central Archaeological Council.

Source: Αthenian-Macedonian Press Agency

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