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Catalogue of Greek Coins [in the British Museum]: BMC

Catalogue of Greek Coins [in the British Museum]: BMC

(See also here for a list from Snible)

1. Italy. Reginald Stuard Poole, B.V. Head and Percy Gardner, 1873. (Google*)
2. Sicily. Reginald Stuard Poole, London 1876. (Google*) (I.A.) (I.A.) (I.A.)
3. The Tauric Chersonese, Sarmatia, Dacia, Moesia, Thrace &c. B.V. Head and Percy Gardner, 1877. (Google*) (I.A.) (I.A.) (I.A.) (I.A.)
4. Seleucid Kings of Syria. Percy Gardner, 1878. (Google*) (DNL)
5. Macedonia etc, by Barclay V. Head, London 1879. (I.A.) (I.A.) (4Shared) (Google*) (DNL)
6. Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt. Reginald Stuard Poole, 1883. (Google*) (I.A.) (I.A.)
7. Thessaly to Aetolia. Percy Gardner, 1883. (Google*) (I.A.) (I.A.) (DNL)
8. Central Greece. B.V. Head, 1884. (Google*) (I.A.) (I.A.) (DNL)
9. Crete and the Aegean Islands. Warick Wroth, 1886. (Google*) (I.A.) (I.A.) (DNL)
10. Peloponnesus, Percy Gardner, 1887. (Google*) (DNL)
11. Attica, Megaris, Aegina, B.V. Head, 1888. (Snible) (Google*) (DNL)
12. Corinth and Colonies B.V. Head, 1889. (Snible) (Google*) (I.A.) (I.A.)
13. Pontus, Paphlagonia, Bithynia and Kingdom of Bosporus. Warwick Wroth, 1889. (Google*) (DNL)
14. Mysia. Warwick Wroth, 1892. (Google*) (DNL)
15. Alexandria and the Nomes, Reginald Stuard Poole, 1892. [plates] (Google*)
16. Ionia. B.V. Head, 1892. (Google*) (I.A.) (DNL)
17. Troas, Aeolis and Lesbos. Warwick Wroth, 1894. (Google*) (I.A.) (DNL)
18. Caria and the Islands, B.V. Head, 1897. (Google*) (DNL)
19. Lycia, Pamphylia and Pisidia. George Francis Hill, 1897. (Google*) (I.A.) (DNL)
20. Galatia, Cappadocia and Syria. Warwick Wroth, 1899. (Google*) (DNL)
21. Lycaonia, Isauria and Cilicia. George Francis Hill, 1900.
22. Lydia. B.V. Head, 1902.
23. Parthia. Warwick Wroth, 1903. (Google*) (I.A.) (DNL)
24. Cyprus. George Francis Hill, 1904. (Snible) (sribd)
25. Phrygia. B.V. Head, 1906. (Google*) (DNL)
26. Phoenicia. George Francis Hill, 1910. (scribd)
27. Palestine. George Francis Hill, 1914. (scribd)
28. Arabia, Mesopotamia and Persia. George Francis Hill, 1922. (I.A.) (I.A.)
29. Cyrenaica. E.S.G. Robinson, 1927.

British Museum's catalog of Indian coins

Greek and Scythic Kings of Bactria and India. Percy Gardner, 1886. (I.A.) (I.A.) (DNL)

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