Friday 16 April 2010

(T) Impressive mosaic in Athens (Thiseio)

A treasure was hiddedn under no 24 Akamas street in Thiseio, Athens. During the archaeological control of the construction of the foundations of a new building, to one side of the plot, Katerina Stamatoudi of the 3rd Ephorate of Antiquities found an amazing mosaic in an ancient room.

It is entirely preserved, bearing diverse geometrical shapes around a central medallion bearing the scene of the Rape of Ganymedes, who is shown being carried away by Zeus in the form of an Eagle.

This important mosaic, especially given its state of preservation, is partially buried under another building that has been proclaimed a protected building. Various similar ancient buildings have been found in the Theseion region, dated to the late classical period (4th-3rd Centuries), most of which continue to be used into the Roman period.

The room that was also decorated with wall paintings, but unfortunately the walls are preserved to a small height. It is dated probably to the 2nd Century B.C. The luxurious room gives the impression that it was probably used as a welcoming are: in the classical period a banquet hall with seven or nine beds, while in the roman period it was used as a triclinium, with beds on the three sides and a table in the center. "Such mosaics where laid out to show off. Elsewhere they would have used a layer of stones or simple mortar".

The proposal of the head of the 3rd Ephorate, Nikoletta Valakou, to the Central Archaeological Council, is to move the mosaic to be exhibited in the planned Museum of the City of Athens in the Plato's Academy Area.

Source: Eleutherotypia, 16.04.2010
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